Thank you! #PlayALeadRole

Thank you for supporting the Play a Lead Role KickstarterThat’s a wrap! Huge thanks from everyone at Youth Theatre Arts Scotland and our Patron Sam Heughan to those who pledged to #PlayALeadRole. You made our Kickstarter campaign a fantastic success with a grand total of £21,867 in pledges from 305 supporters across the world. Your kind donations will directly impact what we can do at the National Festival of Youth Theatre in Ayr this July and in future years.

We also want to say a special thanks to the Laird of Balgonie Castle, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Access Mountain, Mingary Castle and Barbour. These generous partners gave us some unique rewards to support #PlayaLeadRole and we couldn’t have done it without them. If you pledged to the campaign, we’ll be in touch soon about your Rewards and we’ll also send you some updates via Kickstarter from the Festival in July so you can see what your support has enabled to achieve.

Thanks again!


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